We’ve filed your petition for a secret ballot with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)… now here’s what you can expect from Express-Scripts over the next few weeks.

Brace yourselves for: Operation Clean Up.

Trust us. We’ve seen it all before.

  1. Anti-Union Lawyers and Consultants
    First, they’ll hire the best anti-union lawyers and consultants money can buy – probably Jackson Lewis. But it really doesn’t matter what firm they select because guess what? They’re all really good. Getting rid of unions is what these people do for a living. Check out the Jackson Lewis website where it says they specialize in “comprehensive preventive labor relations.” These are the lengths corporations like Express-Scripts are willing to go to in order to ensure you – the worker – don’t have a voice on the job. These lawyers and consultants will begin by meeting with upper management to train them on how to convince you that joining the IAM will not be in your best interest.

  2. Letters of Concern
    All of a sudden, Express-Scripts will become so concerned about you and your family. They’ll send a ton of letters to your home designed to be read by both you and your family. You never would have expected this much concern by the size of your paycheck and how you’ve been treated up until now.

    You never would have expected this much concern by the size of your paycheck and how you’ve been treated up until now.

  3. Misleading Rumors and Half-Truths
    Then they’ll start campaigns to spread misleading rumors and half-truths. These lies – which their lawyers already have pre-packaged and ready to go – are designed to mislead Express-Script workers about the IAM. They’ll even lie about their own financial health. Have you heard these? “We’ll have to close down and move somewhere else if the union gets in here.” Or, “We will no longer afford to be in business.” To top it off, they’ll use their favorite employees to help spread these rumors and do their dirty work. They may even violate federal law in doing so.

  4. Meetings… After Meetings… After Meetings…
    Get ready to meet – a lot. They’ll be forcing workers into meeting rooms during working hours to listen to anti-union speeches – once again already pre-packaged and ready to go by their consultants and lawyers. You’ll have to go. You have no choice if you want to get paid.

  5. More meetings… Only This Time in Small Groups…
    This type of meeting is where Express-Scripts calls 2 or 3 workers or a department in at a time. Their goal is to appear to be your buddy or friend. Again, they’ve all of a sudden taken a special personal interest in you. They may even ask you if you would like to go to special social events with them, such as sports games, bowling, etc.

These are scare tactics. Beware of Express-Scripts’ true motives.

Why will Express-Scripts take these actions against workers? It’s very simple: they have absolute control of all your working conditions, wages and benefits the way it things are now. And they want to keep it that way.

They don’t want you to have a real voice. They don’t want you to have a union.

The IAM will not respond to all anti-union rhetoric. The IAM believes in staying positive and on-task while assisting you in forming your union.

If you have any issues or concerns you need addressed, please feel free to call IAM Business Representative/Organizer Mike Lloyd at (314) 458-3814.