What is a union contract?

A union contract, also known as a collective bargaining agreement (CBA), is a legally binding document between workers and their employer. It sets forth working conditions, wages, and benefits agreed to by both parties and is enforceable in federal court.

But we have a company handbook that has all the rules in it. Why do we need a contract?

A company handbook is a statement of company policy, which Express-Scripts can change, modify, terminate, and enforce at their own will. A union contract is the only way to ensure solid rules, fairness and real rights on the job.

What is the initiation fee to join the IAM?

$0. The IAM waives initiation fees for all workers who join in a newly organized plant like Express Scripts.

Can I be fined for not attending a union meeting or speaking up at union meetings?

Of course not. Unlike the rumors you may have heard, you cannot be fined for not attending union meetings. Nor can you be fined for exercising your right to freedom of speech at union meetings. Having a voice is what we’re all about!

What about strikes?

There will be no strikes at Express Scripts unless two-thirds of the membership votes to do so – by secret ballot. The choice is yours! There are never strikes at companies, firms, and businesses that really care about their workers. There are methods other than strikes.

Can Express-Scripts threaten to take away my job if I want to join a union?

This is one of the biggest scare tactics in the book. However, you very seldom actually hear the company threaten to move or close. Instead they use managers and their favorite employees whom they’ve picked to do their dirty work to spread such rumors. They have no intention of moving or closing. It’s against the law for a company to threaten to do so.

Can Express-Scripts threaten to take away my wages or benefits if I want to join a union?

This is also always rumored or indicated by the company’s managers and favorites. Like threatening to lose your job, a company threatening the loss of wages or benefits is also a violation of federal law.