• Management cannot attend any union meeting, park across the street from the hall, or engage in any undercover activity which would indicate that the employees are being kept under surveillance to determine who is and who is not participating in a union program.

  • Management cannot tell the employees that the company will fire or punish them if they engage in union activity (during the employees’ own time).

  • Management cannot lay-off, discharge, or discipline any employee for union activity (during the employees’ own time).

  • Management cannot grant employee wage increases, special concessions, or benefits in order to keep a union out.

  • Management cannot bar employee union representatives from soliciting employee membership on or off company property during non-working hours.

  • Management cannot ask employees about union matters, meetings, etc. (Some employees may, of their own accord, walk up and tell such matters. It is not an unfair labor practice to listen, but to ask questions to obtain additional information is illegal.)

  • Management cannot ask employees what they think about the union or union representative(s).

  • Management cannot ask the employees how they intend to vote.

  • Management cannot threaten employees with reprisals for participating in union activities. For example, threaten to move the plant or close the business, curtail operations, or reduce employee benefits.